Mountains for Mortals  - New England, Menasha Ridge Press, June 2008 - Trail guides for climbing 30 New England peaks

Newspaper Column Lewiston Sun Journal:

Date               Title                                                Subject

4/5/05          Spring Fling                                    Sheepscot River
4/24/05        Whitewater Weekend                       Webb & Swift
5/1/05          Back from the Dead                         Dead & Orbeton
5/15/05        Riding the Rapids                            Machias River Canoe Trip
5/22/05        Packing it Up, and In                      Machias River Canoe Trip
6/5/05          Dead On Whitewater Mecca            Raft trip on the Dead
6/19/05        Riding the Rail Trail                       Biking Bingham, Solon, Emden Bike Trail
7/3/05          A Picture's Worth…                         Biking Acadia
7/17/05        Northern Exposure                          Whitewater kayaking in Quebec
7/31/05        Ocean View                                      Sea kayaking Cundy's Harbor
8/14/05        Over the Edge                                   Kayaking Gulf Hagas
8/28/05        A Walk in the Clouds                      Hiking Ragged Mountain
9/11/05        Pristine Country                              Sea Kayaking Aziscohos Lake
9/25/05        Many Happy Trails                          Biking the Bike Trails of the Northeast
10/9/05        Bay Window                                     Sea kayaking Muscongus Bay
10/23/05      Presidential Run                              Backpacking the Presidentials in White Mountains
11/06/05      Islands in the Stream                       Sea kayaking Deer Isle Archipelago
11/20/05      Hidden Gem                                     Kayaking the Cathance River
12/4/05        Camden Hills                                   Hiking Mt. Megunticook
12/11/05      Climb Every Mountain                    Winter hiking in New England
12/25/05      A Backcountry Skiing Expedition in the Chic Chocs
1/8/06          Long Way to the Top                       Winter climb Mount Katahdin
1/15/06        Happy Trails                                    Cross country skiing Mount Blue State Park
1/29/06        Another Notch in Their Belts         Winter climb Franconia Ridge
2/12/06        A Winter Climb of Mount Washington
2/26/06        Peak Season                                     Winter climb northern Baxter State Park
3/12/06        Take a Hike!                                     Winter climb South Moat Mountain
3/26/06        Tele-nuts'                                          Telemark skiing in New England
4/9/06          Whitewater Thrills                           Paddling whitewater in New England
4/23/06        A Run on the Kingsbury                  Paddling Kingsbury Stream
5/7/06          A Path Worth Taking                      Hiking & biking Androscoggin Bike Path
5/21/06        Thinking Big                                    Canoe trip on Big Machias Stream
6/4/06          Up a Steep Creek                              Extreme kayaking in New England
6/18/06        Walk in the Clouds                          Climbing Cadillac Mountain
7/2/06          Island Trek                                        Biking Islesboro
7/16/06        Rodeo on Water                                Whitewater kayaking in New England
7/30/06        Safe Kayaking in the Fog                Sea kayaking to Isle au Haut
8/13/06        Island Offers Old School Charm     Biking Isle au Haut
8/27/06        Whitewater Canoeing, Taking on Water - Canoeing whitewater in New England
9/17/06        High Country                                   Climbing Tumbledown Mountain
10/1/06        Island in the Stream                        Sea kayaking to Damariscove Island
10/29/06      In Thoreau's Wake                          Canoe tripping East Branch of the Penobscot

Other newspaper articles:
5/12/05        Boothbay Times                                A Spring Paddle on the Sheepscot River
5/19/05        Boothbay Times                                Spring Whitewater on Webb and Swift Rivers

Magazine articles:  The Maine Switch:

                            Title                                           Subject

April 07               Wet & White                             Whitewater kayaking in New England
May 07                High Water                               Paddling Kingsbury Stream
July 07                 Biking the Carriage Trails of Acadia
August 07            Sea Explorers                            Sea kayaking to Eagle Island
October 07          A Perfect Day for a Hike          Climbing Mount Megunticook in Camden Hills
November 07       Islesboro Adventure                  Biking Islesboro Island
December 07       Climbing Mount Katahdin in the Winter
February 08        Cross Country skiing Mount Blue State Park
April 08               Spring Paddle                            Whitewater kayaking/canoeing the Cathance River
June 08                Thick and Thin                          Sea Kayaking to Isle au Haut
October 08          Presidential Views                     Backpacking in the Northern Presidentials

Other magazine articles:

                              Publication:                             Title                                                    Subject

May 2006               Atlantic Coastal Kayaker          Places, Muscongus Bay, Maine             Sea kayaking Muscongus Bay
January 07               No Umbrella                            Winter Climb of Mount Washington
March 08                Atlantic Coastal Kayaker          Places To Go:  Isle au Haut,  Maine     Sea kayaking Penobscot Bay

Photo: Rapidshooters
Photo: Rapidshooters